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In addition to being a Life Coach, I create unique programs and workshops specifically for women and youth. Scroll down to check out upcoming and past events.

Ramadan online program


This Ramadan may be very different due to the current state of affairs. Regardless of what the circumstances may be, if we are to live and witness another blessed Ramadan, let’s make the most of it. Ramadan is the month of the Quran as this is when the Quran was first revealed. With that said, the purpose of this Program is to help us focus on connecting with the Quran.  

 Goal: Connecting with the Quran and enjoying it.

 Structure of Program

2 days before Ramadan for planning

4 Weekly sessions during Ramadan

What to Expect in the Program

The sessions are interactive, engaging and practical. You will get time to plan, interact, learn and reflect.

Prior to Ramadan: The first two sessions will be used for each person to make their own Quran plan during Ramadan. The planning will be done by you as you know yourself best. In these sessions I will be providing you with some knowledge, resources and guidance to help you in your planning.  Remember I am providing you with the support to plan for success, the outcome is from Allah.

During Ramadan: There will be a weekly session that will be divided into two parts:

Part 1: Check In to see how everyone is doing and their progress.

Part 2: Learning a little something about the Quran.

Aside from the sessions, there will be a Whatsapp Group created as additional support and motivation.


Before Ramadan: Monday April 20th and Wednesday April 22nd at 6pm

During Ramadan: April 25th, May 2nd, May 9th, May 16th at 5pm (Saturdays)

There may be a bonus session during the last 10 days



This program is intended to take the first steps towards a happier and stronger spiritual heart 😊.

As a result of this program and the permission of Allah s.w.t., each participant will gain the knowledge and skills to successfully implement a new habit as an ever lasting change.

The program is intended for you to practically implement this change from day one. However, it will be up to you to continue putting effort to adopt the habit as an ever-lasting one.


This program is designed around the concept of husnul dhan, positive assumption. 


Mindset of a Believer

Learning about Allah

Developing habit of thinking positively


This program is designed around Salah. We will be working on how to use Salah to overcome the challenges we face in our lives and improve ourselves. Some of the topics that will be included are: mental health, inner peace, setting a routine 


Establishing Salah

Connecting with Allah

Khushoo’ – Focus + Peace

 Patience and Discipline

Check Point + Routine


This program is designed to give you practical ways to strengthen your spirituality and identity as a Muslimah living in the West. We will be examining the famous statements/duas of some of our Noble Ancestors alongwith specific Quranic verses and ahadeeth. 


Yusuf (A.S.) – Trials

Asiya (A.S.) – Torture

Bilal (R) – Oppression

Ayoub (A.S) – Adversity

Umm Salama (R) – Loss 


5 Session program to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to overcome the barriers to building good habits.


Shaytan’s Story

Shaytan’s Promises

Nafs + Discipline

Diseases of the Heart Part 1

Diseases of the Heart Part 2


Program was designed to educate participants about some of the Great Women of Islam to adopt these personalities as role models and strength our identity as a Muslimah in today’s time and society. Names of Sahabiyat covered:  Khadijah, Barakah, Rumaysa, Asma, Umm Umara, Ramlah bint Abu Sufyan, Khawla and Safiyya (RA)

Ramadan Reboot

Program was designed to prepare participants mentally, physically and spiritually to have a productive and healthy Ramadan.  This program included weekly structured sessions to help overcome challenges participants would face during Ramadan. Participants each had a workbook as an aid to support their personal challenges, needs and goals.  Topics were related to 3 components; Mind, body, and Soul The program started 2 months prior to Ramadan, to allow participants to establish the habits they wished to have during Ramadan.

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