Still unsure if a life coach is for you? See what my clients have said about the way it has changed and impacted their life.
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Aisha is a wonderful and attentive listener. She is insightful and asks just the right questions to get you thinking and considering new perspectives. She holds the space for you to feel safe when vulnerable allowing you to explore difficult or sensitive topics. Aisha is an amazing coach!

Amanda McGourty

Aisha is an incredible coach. She is a wonderful listener; I know I have truly been heard when I work with her, which in and of itself feels like a gift. She also holds space for me, standing beside me as I change and grow. I am so grateful for the support, insight, and challenges our work together has provided me.

Christine Brandel

Aisha really helped me in a time where I was transitioning in my life from a student to a working adult. Her advice and perspective really helped me shape where I want to go in life and what goals I want to achieve. She was a good listener and made me feel comfortable enough to really be vulnerable with her and share my fears and dreams.

Selina McCallum

Aisha has been my coach for the past three months and she has been phenomenal! From the first session until my last session, she has been helpful and someone I can really trust. Aisha advised me and facilitated me fill in the gaps in my life to gain ultimate success. Throughout this process I realized that I need to set goals, and achieve them. Balancing student life, work life, family, friends and being newly married was really overwhelming this year but Aisha brought her positive energy and authentic demeanor to help me overcome a lot. Aisha always challenged me to rise above my potential and working with her brought me overall happiness and serenity. I have gained so much through having Aisha as my life coach. This is just the beginning for me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Ameera Seiyad